Memorial to Marilyn


Photo by Jackie Craig

The annual service for Marilyn, organised by Marilyn Remembered, was held at Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles on August 5th, marking the 49th anniversary of her death.

Friends of Immortal Marilyn donated generously to flowers for Marilyn, and $240 was raised for the Animal Haven charity.

Here is the cover of the 2011 memorial program:

And some fan tributes:

Postcard from Dorina in Italy

Artwork by Katy McKay


Celebrating Marilyn’s 85th Birthday

Marilyn at a charity soccer match in 1957. Photo by Bob Henriques

June 1, 2011, marks what would be Marilyn’s 85th birthday, and preparations are already underway.

Immortal Marilyn have launched a flower appeal and fundraiser for the Animal Haven charity.  You can donate via PayPal, to or contact Mary privately for her mailing address.

And if you’re feeling creative, the Andrew Weiss Gallery in LA are looking for fan-made cards, for possible inclusion in their upcoming photo exhibit, ‘Happy Birthday Marilyn’. All entries must be submitted by May 20.

John Vachon: A ‘Lost Look’ at Marilyn

My profile of photographer John Vachon, whose work with Marilyn Monroe is collected in a new book, Marilyn, August 1953: The Lost ‘Look’ Photos, has been posted on the Immortal Marilyn website.

My fellow Immortal Marilyn staffers are currently adding monthly updates for February, so watch out for more new features (articles, reviews, artwork) over the next few days.

And while you’re there, please consider donating to the St Valentine’s Day Flowers for Marilyn appeal. A bouquet will be left at Monroe’s grave, and all profits will be sent to the Animal Haven charity.

If you’re interested in participating, please contact Immortal Marilyn’s president and webmistress, Mary Sims:

Immortal Marilyn’s Flowers in August

A message from Mary at Immortal Marilyn:

“Be a part of the honoring Marilyn this August 5th on the 48th anniversary of her passing. We will be placing beautiful flowers at her crypt & making a charity donation in Marilyn’s name to Animal Haven of New York City. Your name will be included on a card to be placed at her crypt beside the flowers.  Last day for donations is August 5th.
Thank you!”

More information here