A Girl, Her Room … and Marilyn

‘Christilla, Rabieh Lebanon, 2010’

This 2010 photograph – showing a Douglas Kirkland canvas of Marilyn on a Lebanese teenager’s bedroom wall – is part of In Her Image, a retrospective for photographer Rania Matar, at the Amon Carter Museum in Fort Worth, Texas until June, as Natalie Gempel reports for Paper City.

“The show combines three portfolios of the photographer’s work, all produced in the United States and the Middle East … A Girl & Her Room depicts teenage girls from different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds in the personal world of their bedrooms … A girl in Lebanon perches on an armchair beneath a massive Marilyn Monroe poster, a pink bra hanging on the doorknob beside her … The photographs transcend cultural differences and societal labels to show girls as they want to be shown. And, even in 2018, that’s not as common as you’d think.”

Nikki Douthwaite’s ‘Marilyn’

Artist Nikki Douthwaite has been featured in several UK newspapers this week. She creates likenesses of iconic celebrities from hole punch dots.

Hole Punch Dots (Aprox 99,000) on wood.
Size- 160cm by 122cm
Completed December 2010

Marilyn was a commissioned piece of work. I really enjoyed doing another one in coloured dots to make a black and white image, as I had with Senna. This one allowed me to improve the technique, and get the blending of tone better than I had done in my first attempt. I was far more confident, including brighter colours, sure that they would still give a black and white ‘look’ at the end. I wanted to keep this piece when it was completed but unfortunately a deposit had already been paid. It was the first piece that I have made where I didn’t think I could do any better.”