Keeping Time with Marilyn

This Girard Perregaux Stainless Steel Marilyn Monroe Timepiece, part of the Girard Perregaux 1945 collection, is available in a limited edition of just thirty.

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Phil Stern Exhibition, Milan

Phil Stern, 1953

“When you think of photographs of famous people you think of the paparazzi. But when you see Phil Stern’s photographs of Hollywood icons like Marilyn Monroe and James Dean you think of art. Not only are his photos moments captured in time, but they are also art – photos of an era long gone. Phil Stern managed to break down the wall of celebrity and show people for who they really were. When you’re talking iconic photographers you can’t really look any further.”

Marc Baker, ‘The Vine’

Forma Gallery

The X-Rays of Others

Marilyn in 1954

A 1954 X-ray of Marilyn Monroe’s chest is reported to have sold for $45,000 (about £30,000) at the ‘Hollywood Legends’ auction in Las Vegas this weekend. Here’s the item description from Julien’s Auctions:

X-ray of Marilyn Monroe’s chest. Printed on the x-ray is the following information, “Cedars of Lebanon Hospital/Drs. E. Freedman and S. Finck/ Name Di Maggio Marilyn/ No. 50612 Date 11-10-54/ Ref. By Dr. L. Krohn.” As a radiology resident at Cedars, a young doctor obtained these x-rays. When he taught at the school himself, he used these x-rays to ensure that students were paying attention. Monroe was said to have known about the x-rays and their use, about which she said “Isn’t that sweet.” Monroe’s hospital visit was said to be for her chronic endometriosis – or as her doctor’s described it, “For correction of a female disorder she has suffered for years.” Accompanied by a copy of the X-Ray. 17 by 13 3/4 inches

It’s hard to know what to make of Marilyn’s comment at the time, or how she might have felt about this sale.

The X-Ray dates from November 1954, when Marilyn underwent surgery to relieve her chronic endometriosis. Photos taken of her leaving Cedars of Lebanon Hospital the following day showed her to be extremely distressed by the paparazzi’s presence.

To illustrate this point, I have posted the least upsetting photo from this occasion above (I have no intention of posting the X-ray here. This is a personal decision, those who wish to see it can search on Google.)

In The X-Rays of Others, an article for yesterday’s Huffington Post, Dr Elaine Schattner criticises the auction:

It seems ironic that Monroe, who was hospitalized for gynecological reasons and died childless, has no descendants to hold her records near, to intervene or somehow say “no, the x-rays are off-limits.” Rather, it’s her doctor’s children who’ve cut the deal.

I can’t help thinking that she, who struggled so in her life, in and out of strangers’ households, love affairs and flicks, is defenseless now again. The films render her vulnerable, again, to more inspection. The loss of privacy is irrevocable, a violation after death.

Read full article here

The Marilyn Eyebrow

'How to Marry a Millionaire', 1953

The British pop star, Cheryl Cole, has told Company magazine of her most recent beauty SOS:

“I had a disaster last year. I tried to pluck my eyebrows like Marilyn Monroe’s. I saw a programme on her and thought: ‘She’s amazing. I want her eyebrows.’ But I went too far. Everyone was asking if I’d had Botox.”

Perhaps she should have tried this Marilyn Eyebrow Stencil:

Size Ma#3
Size Ma#4

According to this product review by Tnkerbelli at PopSugar,

‘Marilyn had a contoured shape in her eyebrows that gave her forehead a wider look…These eyebrows even out the shape of my face, because I have a wider jaw and rounder cheeks, similar to Marilyn’s.’

Marilyn in Fort Lauderdale

Leaving Florida after a short holiday, 1961

In March 1961, while Marilyn was recovering from illness, ex-husband Joe DiMaggio invited her to join him for a relaxing break in Florida. According to today’s Orlando Sentinel, Marilyn visited the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Beach Hotel during her stay…

“The New York Yankees once made the hotel their home during spring training, and it is said that a chunk of the bar remains missing, where the former owner broke it off so Marilyn Monroe could sign it.”


Marilyn Monroe 1926-1962

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