Elle Fanning: Growing Up With Marilyn

Elle Fanning, 12 year-old sister of actress Dakota, stars with Stephen Dorff in Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere, set in one of her idol Marilyn Monroe’s favourite haunts – Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont Hotel. I’d been there before for some interviews and photo shoots, but I hadn’t spent that much time there. Now, I feel like I know … Continue reading Elle Fanning: Growing Up With Marilyn

Scarlett, Elle Under Marilyn’s Spell

Actress Scarlett Johansson – who is sometimes compared to Marilyn – talks to another famous MM fan, 16 year-old Elle Fanning (now starring as Princess Aurora in Maleficent), about her idol in the May issue of Interview magazine. “JOHANSSON: Growing up, my idol was Judy Garland. I loved her fragility, but also her strength. I know … Continue reading Scarlett, Elle Under Marilyn’s Spell

Marilyn: Elle’s Movie Icon

 Actress Elle Fanning, 14, has once again named Marilyn as her idol, reports ONTD. “Q: Who is your Hollywood icon? A: I saw The Seven Year Itch at about seven years old. It’s part of what made me really want to be an actress. That Halloween I was Marilyn Monroe in the white dress, with the mole. I … Continue reading Marilyn: Elle’s Movie Icon

Cover Girls’ Blonde Ambition

Singer Gwen Stefani, who has drawn inspiration from Monroe, Harlow and Madonna, is on the cover of the UK’s InStyle magazine this November.  ‘I do my roots as often as Marilyn Monroe did hers,’ she says. ‘I’m serious. I found out.’ Actress Scarlett Johansson – who has often been compared to Monroe – exudes 1940s-style … Continue reading Cover Girls’ Blonde Ambition