Marilyn’s ‘Millionaire’ in Maine

Movie Life magazine, June 1953

How to Marry a Millionaire will be screened at 7 pm today (Wednesday, March 11) at the Lincoln Theatre in Damariscotta, as part of ‘Maine in the Movies’, a series celebrating the state’s bicentennial. Loco, the character played by Betty Grable, spends a romantic interlude in Maine (although the picture was filmed in LA.)

“It is one of those movies which any age group can’t help but be charmed by – even as you wince at the signposted slapstick and archaic female sensibilities. The story is simple: three young women, Loco (Grable), Pola (Monroe), and Schatze (Bacall) plot to marry each other off to a millionaire husband. They rent an expensive apartment, put their heads together, and snare their prey.

Loco discovers Waldo, who is married and owns a lodge in Maine. Not great news to find, but her reaction to the news of his lodge delights him so much that he invites her to accompany him there. Those fascinated by old Hollywood will get a tremendous kick out of seeing three legends playing to their strengths – not to mention a delightfully understated, elegant turn from William Powell – in the splendor of CinemaScope.”

The Times