The Gods Themselves: ‘Marilyn Monroe’

The Gods Themselves – a Seattle-based ‘disco punk’ band led by singer and guitarist Astra Elane – has released a new single, ‘Marilyn Monroe’, from their forthcoming album, Glamour and Grime, as HuffPost reports.

“‘Marilyn Monroe’ begins with a pulsating synth and a potent beat, followed by the entrance of a rumbling bass and bright guitar riffs … The sound is deliciously seductive making you want to get up and shake your booty. In fact, the overall feel of the tune is unadulterated sexy dance music.

The lyrics of ‘Marilyn Monroe’ indicate the lure of seeking what isn’t presently possessed, the glitz and glamour offered by life. “I’m going to change my name / And shed my ball and chain / I’ve got a life to shine.” And ‘Don’t you wanna be like / The boys in the spotlight?’

“Marilyn Monroe” is outstanding, full of an irresistible melody riding a compelling rhythm that aligns with the beat of your heart. ”