‘Marilyn’s Bar’ Opens in Twin Falls

Debra Lee Hillius, manager of Marilyn’s in Twin Falls, Idaho

‘Marilyn’s’ is a new bar opening on Friday at 233 Fifth Ave South in Twin Falls, Idaho. If you’re in the area, do check it out!

“‘Who can’t love Marilyn?’ Hillius said. ‘She’s inspiring, she’s powerful.’

Portraits of Monroe and famous quotes decorate walls around the bar, and in one corner, a Plexiglas case will feature collectibles and other items.

‘We encourage people to bring stuff in and we’ll display it,’ she said.

Marilyns will also offer themed drinks like Marilyn’s Red Ale and a Marilyn Martini — champagne and brandy with cherries. And customers will receive a bottle of champagne on their birthdays.”

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