Marilyn’s West Hollywood Addresses

Marilyn photographed by Bob Beerman at her Doheny Drive apartment in 1953

Writing for, local historian Bob Bishop looks at the West Hollywood homes Marilyn lived in for relatively long periods during her rise to fame from 1947-54 – not including the hotels and hideaways where she stayed for shorter periods.

“Marilyn Monroe was always on the move, calling at least 43 residences of one kind or another home during her 36 years. Each place had a valuable supporting role in the peripatetic life of Norma Jean Mortenson, especially the seven apartments where she lived within the boundaries of today’s West Hollywood.

They cover a period from Marilyn’s earliest bit parts in 1947 to breakthroughs and her marriage to Joe DiMaggio seven years later. Her ties to West Hollywood are much stronger than former addresses alone. Marilyn made only 30 movies during her career, but 17 of them were released when she lived here.”

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