Call for Respect at Marilyn’s Crypt

In recent years, some fans have begun leaving lipstick marks on Marilyn’s crypt at Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles. This practice has caused unsightly staining to her final resting place. Over the Christmas period, one visitor actually signed her name on the crypt in pen, and floral tributes have also disappeared. After discussing the issue with Greg Schreiner and Scott Fortner of Marilyn Remembered (the LA-based fanclub who organise the annual memorial service for MM), the staff at Westwood have decided to install a sign near Marilyn’s crypt, as a reminder that the area¬†is under constant video surveillance. So if you’re lucky enough to have the chance to visit Westwood and pay your respects to Marilyn, please remember that she was a very private person – and do show her all the consideration¬†you would wish for yourselves.

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