‘The Misfits’ Rides Again

The BFI’s glorious month of Marilyn may be drawing to an end, but The Misfits reissue will continue to roll out across the UK. Here’s another great review from Simon Columb, posted on the Flickering Myth blog.

“The Misfits toys with the changing world as the 1960’s dawned, whereby the expectations of a man are challenged. How can you be a Father if you’re separated from your children? How can you be a wife, if you are desperate to wander and see more of the world? The final act, as the group attempt to round-up the horses, is difficult. The momentum gained as the team moved from house to rodeo and, finally, to the desert is lost – but it isn’t without its merits. Marilyn Monroe, screaming out into the desert, calling and demanding more from humanity is immediate and arresting. Montgomery Clift’s phone call to his mother in his introduction is heart-breaking. In addition to Gable’s flippant comments about his age, the reason The Misfits is so thoroughly engaging, is because it often hints at a deeper truth. Huston has captured a moment of change and honesty. The story carries weight, as we know the depression and dependencies behind closed doors – and we only wish this wasn’t the final appearances of such unforgettable stars.”

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