Subway Ad for ‘Secret Life of Marilyn’

The Lifetime Channel have found an unique gimmick to promote their upcoming mini series, The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe, reports Adweek. Eight New York subway stations now feature audio-activated digital advertisments, depicting Kelli Garner as Marilyn in The Seven Year Itch Рwith her skirt blowing up as trains arrive on the platform. (Not sure why her dress is red, though!)

On a more serious note, a new trailer has been released, depicting a (probably fictitious) scene in which Marilyn and Joe DiMaggio visit her emotionally disturbed mother, Gladys, in a sanitarium. While Kelli Garner exudes softness and vulnerability, Susan Sarandon seems a little too brash in the maternal role.

The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe will be broadcast in the US on May 30-31.

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