Marilyn and Arthur’s Westchester Wedding

Westchester Magazine‘s Tom Schreck tackles a reader’s question about the wedding of Marilyn and Arthur Miller, who was then a Westchester County resident.

“The couple didn’t actually get married in Arthur Miller’s home—Miller lived in Connecticut. And, not unlike the rest of Norma Jeane’s life, the story is a little complicated.

According to biographer Randy Taraborrelli, Marilyn found out about Miller’s intention to marry her during his testimony in front of the House Un-American Activities Committee (which, if you ask me, isn’t the most romantic way to propose marriage). [Actually, Arthur made the announcement to reporters outside the courthouse – not during the hearing – ES Updates.] Miller mentioned he was planning a production in England and he was going to travel with a woman he hoped to soon make his wife. That was news to the former Mrs. DiMaggio—and she wasn’t thrilled that it was broadcast without her permission.

On June 29, 1956, the couple held a press conference to announce their engagement just after a member of the paparazzi following them was killed in a car crash. Monroe was distraught over the tragedy, but that night the couple traveled to the White Plains courthouse and were married by a justice of the peace in a service that lasted less than four minutes. Two days later, a Jewish ceremony was planned at the home of Miller’s agent, Kay Brown, in Waccabuc.

Brown lived at what is now 122 East Ridge Road. About 25 guests attended the secluded and unannounced service.”


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