‘Millionaire’ Style Tips From Pola

Photo by Phil Stern

The recent passing of Lauren Bacall has brought renewed attention to one of her most popular films, How to Marry a Millionaire. Among this underrated comedy’s many attributes is an impeccable sense of style (thanks to costume designer Travilla.) Over at Queens of Vintage today, Lena Weber looks at the timeless fashion of its three heroines, including Marilyn as the near-sighted Pola Debevoise:

“Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous pin-ups for Fifties fashion and her outfits throughout How to Marry a Millionaire certainly do not disappoint. She swaps flowing gowns for a figure hugging red swimsuit during the film, a look easily replicated today.

The fuller shape of Fifties swim wear is much more flattering than many modern bikinis resembling dental floss often seen on the beach today. Monroe teams hers with strappy wedges for a look just as stylish now as it was then. Vintage mecca Beyond Retro has scores of original Fifties swimwear.

Monroe also sports thick, black, slightly cat-eye shaped glasses throughout the film, yet takes them off at every possible moment, embarrassed by them, stating, ‘men are seldom attentive to girls who wear glasses.’

Yet, how wrong she is today. Vintage glasses ooze style and can be picked up from any vintage shop. Monroe also sports a silk turban in several scenes and similar ones can be picked up on eBay from as little as £6.”

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