Marilyn in August

Most Marilyn fans associate the month of August with her tragic death. But James Haspiel – MM’s teenage fan, who went on to write 3 books about her – tells the New York Post‘s Cindy Adams that there are many more reasons to remember Marilyn in the first of August.

“Marilyn Monroe died Aug. 5. Her funeral, Aug. 8 — tomorrow — 52 years ago. Per her friend Jim Haspiel, this week dominated her life. Aug. 2, 1945, she registered at the Blue Book Model Agency. Aug. 6, 1950, landed her first newspaper cover, the Chicago Sunday Tribune. Aug. 10, 1954, began filming The Seven Year Itch. Aug. 1, 1957, Marilyn lost her baby boy. Aug. 4, 1958 began filming Some Like It Hot. Aug. 3, 1962, was her final interview, Life magazine. MM’s first film Dangerous Years, still as Norma Jean, had an Aug. 4, 1947, contract.

And Aug. 5, which became her very last day, she was to meet the man [Sidney Skolsky] who planned to produce and star her in The Jean Harlow Story.”

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