Marilyn and the Ghosts of Brooklyn

Marilyn once said that she would like to retire to Brooklyn. She finally gets her wish in Enigma: The Show, an ‘outdoor mystery theatre’, reports the New York Post.

“Walking down Willow Street the other day, our group was greeted by a blonde in very high heels and a slit skirt.

‘Where have you been? I’ve been waiting!’ she cried. It was Marilyn, who just happened to be standing in front of the brownstone where playwright Arthur Miller lived when their love affair began.

‘Some audiences really clam up and just stare at me,’ says Maria Aparo, the actress who plays her. ‘And then there are some who create dialogue of their own in the scene.’

Apparently the sight of Marilyn Monroe has caused little stir in the neighborhood, although Aparo says she’s received some helpful history about the house from locals. She also finds that people want to hang out with Marilyn.

‘Some people want to stay and chitchat,’ she says. ‘So it becomes my job to send them on their way.'”

Milton Greene Archive Sold For $1.8 Million

A huge archive of photos by Milton Greene – including 3,700 of Marilyn – has sold at auction for a total of $1.8 million, reports the Associated Press.

“Profiles in History auction house says the highlights included a collection of color transparencies of the Hollywood siren with Laurence Olivier from the The Prince and the Showgirl movie. It sold for $42,000.

A group of transparencies of Monroe from the film Bus Stop fetched $39,000.”