Marilyn: An Illustrated History

Forty Illustrated History

Marilyn: An Illustrated History is a new, hardback book by Sandra Forty, 256 pages long and published by Taj Books. Fraser Penney, friend of this blog, notes a few bloopers:

“Not sure how she managed to figure out Marilyn’s second husband was Arthur Miller and that he organized her funeral? There’s a few glaring mistakes including her being wrongly identified in a picture from the film Green Grass Of Wyoming. A few of the pictures are pixelated but the majority are nicely reproduced and there’s some I don’t think I have seen in a book before. If you can forgive the errors, it’s a lovely big book covering MM’s life and career with a nice selection of full page photos.”

Fraser has kindly shared some sample pages with us:

Forty 1

Forty 2

The book gets a 3 star rating from AimeeL, a customer on

“The book is filled with dozens and dozens of photos which look like the author/editor simply found them online and printed them out… a very nice introduction for new Marilyn Monroe fans, but if you’re already a huge fan and have been for a while, you’ll find nothing new…”

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