‘Love, Marilyn’ On Demand in USA

Love, Marilyn was screened in the US on HBO earlier this month. For any American readers who missed it, the documentary can be viewed via HBO On Demand and HBO Go until September 1st.

The Love, Marilyn Facebook page also posted recently that details of a DVD release will soon be announced. If you’re in Europe and simply can’t wait that long, it is already available in Spain (as a Region 2 DVD, in English with subtitles) and can be ordered via Amazon UK.

Here are a few more reviews:

“Love Marilyn is the complete Monroe biography. Nonlinear in structure, it presents Monroe’s story in a most interesting and provocative way that leads to an understanding of Monroe’s complexities. It also leads to reflection upon how public exposure and celebrity can effect the vulnerable artists who experience it.” – Jennifer Merin, About.com

“In many ways, Marilyn Monroe is the blueprint for celebrity iconography and idolatry as we know it. She was an enigma of a woman, a creation she herself forged from within herself, seemingly made of fragile glass that would serve as her own ceiling, and later, her tomb. Much has been written, documented, and speculated about the late actress…In Love, Marilyn, director Liz Garbus attempts to let Monroe speak for herself through a series of letters, diary entries, and various documents recovered from a storage box. Like Monroe herself, the box had been shoved away and its physical contents long-forgotten — all that remained was the mythology of hearsay.” – Britt Hayes, BadAss Digest

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