A Twist of Pink

Rock star Pink has softened her look with a glamorous blonde hairdo that has been compared to Marilyn’s, and celebrity hair-stylist Marcia Hamilton has told readers of OK! magazine how to imitate the effect. (Pink is clearly a Monroe fan, having paid $10,000 for a painting of her last year.)

While the photo is somewhat reminiscent of Milton Greene’s 1954 ‘Ballerina’ sitting with Marilyn, I’d say that the true inspiration was the cover of Madonna’s Like a Virgin album, shot by Steven Meisel in 1984.

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    1. I agree, and just to clarify, I wasn’t criticising Pink – just commenting on her influences. Artists can take inspiration from went before and still come up with something fresh and different if their vision is strong enough. All 3 women definitely fall into that category, in my opinion, though some other imitations fall flat.

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