Lady Gaga’s Blonde Moment

Lady Gaga responded to criticisms of her alleged weight gain via Twitter last night, sharing a photo of Marilyn with this quote, accompanied by a message from Gaga: ‘And thank to my fans who love me no matter what, and know the meaning of real beauty & compassion. I really love you.’

The supposed MM quote has been circulating on the internet for a few months.  However, it’s 100% fake, as Size Zero wasn’t introduced until 1966, four years after Marilyn died.

Casting Norma Jeane

Casting Norma Jeane: A Starlet is Transformed into Marilyn Monroe focuses on 1946, the year when 20 year-old Norma Jeane Dougherty became Marilyn Monroe. Author James Glaeg met Sam and Enid Knebelcamp, part of her extended family, in 1958. The book is based on his recollections of this encounter and others connected to Marilyn, as well as his own research. It reads like a novel, but unlike so many books about Monroe (alas), it’s true to fact. Casting Norma Jeane illuminates that year of wonders, and the many players involved, although the young woman at the centre remains somewhat elusive. So no earth-shattering revelations here I’m afraid, but a nice read, available in paperback and on Kindle (for free at time of writing!)

Marilyn and Maf ‘Go Brooklyn’

Artist Liz Grammaticas‘s painting of Marilyn and Maf (after Eric Skipsey’s 1961 portrait) is featured in Go Brooklyn, ‘a community-curated open studio project.’

Writing for Hyperallergic, Hrag Vartanian comments, ‘Elizabeth Grammaticas‘ paintings of classic Hollywood divas and teen stars were charming and off-putting.’

Personally, I’d say ‘unsettling’ is a better adjective, as the painting shows Marilyn in a more down-to-earth, but layered way than we’re used to seeing.  It’s disarming, in a good way.

Marilyn in Art: Seen and Unseen

Artist and photographer Mary Ann Lynch, whose ‘Forever Marilyn‘ project featured sightings of Monroe’s image across the globe, has now created a self-portrait – with eyes closed, holding a newspaper article featuring make-up man Allan ‘Whitey’ Snyder’s personal snapshots of Marilyn during filming of Niagara in 1952 – for her ‘Seen/Unseen’ series.

“Well. I have this series ‘Seen/Unseen: Artists & Their Work’ for which I ask people to close their eyes. . .I find them in a gallery or public place, never have an appointment. . .and a few have said, ‘So where’s your photograph of YOU?’ So I made this self-portrait, with Marilyn Monroe, who is the subject of another longtime project, Forever Marilyn–more of that on my website. . .”

More Screenings Set for ‘Love, Marilyn’

Marilyn by Sam Shaw, 1957

A screening of Love, Marilyn will open The Hamptons Film Festival at East Hampton, Long Island, on October 4th. (Marilyn stayed at Long Island in the summer of 1957 with husband Arthur Miller.)

In other news, the Canadian theatrical rights to Love, Marilyn have been acquired by distributor Mongrel Media. And a video interview with director Liz Garbus has been posted by the New York Times.

Christina’s Marilyn Moment

Christina Aguilera has revealed the artwork for her new single, ‘Your Body’, and – not for the first time in her career – it may be inspired by Marilyn, specifically her iconic photo session with Bert Stern in 1962.

Incidentally, the pose was also imitated by Madonna back in 1990, in her ‘Homage to Norma Jean’ shoot with photographer Steven Meisel for Vanity Fair. At the time, Stern described the effect as ‘body-snatching Monroe’, but he has since replicated the shots with Lindsay Lohan.

HBO Acquires US TV Rights to ‘Love, Marilyn’

HBO has acquired TV rights for Liz Garbus’s documentary, Love, Marilyn, in the US, reports Variety.

“The film is written, directed and produced by Garbus and produced by Stanley Buchthal and Amy Hobby. Executive producers are Anne Carey, Olivier Courson, Harold Van Lier and Enrique Steiger.

Love, Marilyn coincides with the 50th anniversary of Monroe’s death and features footage, audiotapes, handwritten letters, diaries, notes, poems, journals and notebooks.

Interviews and archival footage features Arthur Miller, Joe DiMaggio, Amy Greene, Molly Haskell, Truman Capote, Norman Mailer and Elia Kazan.

Deal was negotiated by David Koh, Josh Braun and Dan Braun of Submarine Entertainment along with Stanley Buchthal of Diamond Girl Productions LLC and Harold Van Lier of Studio Canal on behalf of the producers and director with HBO.”