Sandra Howard Remembers Marilyn

Sandra Howard – a former model, now wife of Tory politician Michael Howard – has spoken to the Daily Mail about meeting Marilyn at Frank Sinatra’s Beverly Hills home in 1961. (Sandra and her first husband, jazz pianist Robin Douglas-Home, were friends of Sinatra at the time.)

“On one occasion he invited Marilyn Monroe to supper: we ate, without ceremony, on little trays as though in front of the TV. Marilyn was a delight. Shy and warm-hearted, she spoke in her trademark self-deprecating semi-whisper. I warmed to her instantly.

She was wearing white Capri pants and a bright orange sweater cut tight to do full justice to her gravity-defying bosom.

Frank told us discreetly that she needed cheering up but didn’t tell us why. He was inherently caring: out-of-work songwriters were kept in hot dinners; he looked after their widows when they died. He had a very loyal streak — and, of course, he was an open-handed host to us.”

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