‘Smash’ Episode 8: ‘The Coup’

In this week’s episode, ruthless producer Derek (Jack Davenport) suggests an edgier take on Marilyn to hopeful actress Karen (Katharine McPhee)…

‘It’s time for the secret song! Derek wants Karen to “not be afraid of the sex.” He says Marilyn had purity, and on top of that, sex. Tom and Julia meet up with Katie (oh the warehouse is in the middle of Brooklyn) and Eileen by the warehouse in Brooklyn to see Karen’s performance, while Eliss and Ivy sneak into the warehouse through the stage door. When Julia sees Karen her response is “Karen you’re in on this too?” “Yeah I guess!” she replies excitedly. “Touch Me” sounds more like a Christina Aguilera song or maybe a Madonna song – Karen is only wearing a sheet…’ – Wall Street Journal

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