‘Smash’: Pilot Episode Streams

Smash, NBC’s new series about the staging a Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe, will premiere on NBC on Monday, February 6 (to follow later in the UK’s subscription-only satellite channel, Sky Atlantic.)

A pilot episode is now freely available on iTunes:

“A loving paean to Broadway, and to the enduring legacy of Monroe.” – Daily Beast

“If Smash wanted to be loved more than admired, it’d be an instant camp classic. Alas, it will probably just be a hit instead.” – New York Observer

‘“Without a Marilyn we’re nothing!” a songwriter exclaims in the middle of the talent search.

Sorry, guys, but even with two Marilyns, you’re still nothing…Both women are generic belters, with none of the certain something that made Marilyn so memorable.’ – San Antonio Current



‘My Week With Marilyn’ Q & A

My Week With Marilyn was screened at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theatre, followed by a Q & A with stars Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh. Full report by ‘misskelleen’ at LiveJournal’s 1962  fan forum.

Donald Zec and Marilyn

Donald Zec, entertainment writer for the Daily Mirror, was photographed with Marilyn in 1956 during filming of The Prince and the Showgirl.

In his 1995 book, The Prince, the Showgirl and Me, the late Colin Clark claimed that Mr Zec was a total stranger who had just jumped out of the bushes when this picture was taken.

Of course, this was untrue and Mr Zec took legal action, ensuring that all future editions of the book should be amended. However, last week, a further apology was posted on the Harper Collins website after they omitted to correct the recent reissue.

Journalist Hugh Muir noted the blunder in yesterday’s Guardian. In his book, Clark referred to Zec as a ‘creep’, and supposedly wrote in his diary, ‘D. Zec was telling everyone who would listen that MM was a personal friend of his.’

Considering that many Monroe fans now believe that Clark’s own account of their ‘relationship’ is wildly exaggerated, it’s somewhat ironic that he saw fit to question someone else’s claim to have known her.

An attack of the green-eyed monster, perhaps?

‘Dressing Marilyn’ Reviewed

 Andrew Hansford’s book on Billy Travilla reviewed at Queens of Vintage, plus your chance to win a copy (via Twitter)

We’re now giving away five copies of Dressing Marilyn: How a Hollywood Icon Was Styled by William Travilla. Simply follow us @queensofvintage and @carltonbookspr on Twitter and tweet us your favourite Monroe film using #dressingmm as a hashtag. The fiver winners will be picked at random at midday on Thursday, 2 February 2012. There is no cash alternative. Good luck!