Play ‘Retro World’ With Marilyn

Retro World is a new Facebook game featuring a Marilyn-inspired character, reports USA Today:

‘After you type in your name and select an available avatar, you’ll begin Retro World on a Hollywood set…But the real fun doesn’t start until you choose to play one of the “Shows” at the movie theater, beginning with a ’60s-style spy thriller, “Owl Files,” which pays homage to James Bond, Communists, the Space Race, and so on. While Dick Clark plays himself as the game’s host, of sorts, other licensed stars assume the role of fictional characters in these story-driven tales; Monroe is a sexy spy in “Owl Files,” for example, while Presley plays as a doctor in an upcoming show.

Most of the graphics in Retro World are still images, mixing real actors with virtual objects and sets, but animation sequences and music helps to bring the stories to life. These aren’t near-photorealistic Call of Duty visuals mind you, but most Facebook gamers know not to expect that from free, online games.

While it’s exclusive to Facebook at this time, Retro World is expected to debut on other social network platforms, such as Google+, as well as tablets.’

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