Top 10: Actors Playing Stars

Montage by Marilynette Lounge

Michelle Williams’ performance in My Week With Marilyn  inspired Flavorwire to compile a list of ten outstanding movie roles by actors playing other actors, including Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford and Jessica Lange as Frances Farmer.

Meanwhile, Scott Fortner has reviewed My Week With Marilyn on his MM Collection Blog:

“My overall impressions of MWWM are mixed.  There are parts of the film I really loved, yet parts that in my opinion are truly dreadful and questionable.  With that said, I encourage all Marilyn Monroe fans to check out the film and come to their own conclusions.  I will say that I think acting by Williams, Branagh and Dench is quite spectacular (even though I still don’t know who exactly Williams was portraying in most scenes) and I won’t be at all surprised if the lot of them are nominated for Oscars.”

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