Favourite Films: Some Like it Hot

Artwork by Steffi Schutze

Over at The Guardian, Becky Barnicoat explains why Some Like it Hot is her favourite movie:

‘Goofy and clever. Funny and dark. Men and women. Some Like it Hot is all about being two things at once. My favourite of its playful dualities is “sexy and innocent”, a terrific combination which has been abandoned by modern-day Hollywood in favour of sexy and crude. There’s no room for brash jokes here – not when the finger of an elevator dial can signify something saucy with a great comic-book “doinnnnggg!” – Some Like It Hot is all about sex (see its name), but only if you want it to be (see its name). That’s not to say it’s prudish – it’s classy and sweet, preferring innuendo to insult, and gently building up romance and sexual tension.’

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