Emma Watson in ‘My Week With Marilyn’

Emma Watson, who found fame as a child playing Hermoine in the Harry Potter film series, attended the UK premiere of My Week With Marilyn. In the film, she plays wardrobe girl Lucy.

“I certainly feel a lot for her and for what she went through,” Emma said of MM. “I think she was just trying to find her feet in the midst of this kind of crazy circus that went on around her, and trying to find some sort of balance and some sort of normality in her life, and I can definitely relate to that.”

Emma was recently interviewed by People magazine:

“I loved it,” she said of her part in ‘My Week With Marilyn’. “It was less pressure, but at the same time it was an interesting role, although it was a small role. I loved the script and loved the story, and I’m very interested in Marilyn, so I really wanted to do it.”

“I’m very proud of it,” she added, “and I’m really pleased with my part in it.”

Of Williams, she says, “I thought she was wonderful. Such a thing to take on, to play someone who is so iconic and so loved, and I think she just pulled it off so well. I was so impressed.”

Costume designer Jill Taylor spoke to Vogue about her work with Emma: “She was very excited about the whole thing. I made her look very Sandra Dee-like, girly and young. She’s a lovely girl and very keen. I thought I might have a child star brat on my hands, but that wasn’t how she was at all. She was interested in everything – a real sweetheart.”

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