Last Dance in Jasper

Harry Home, now 77, has shared his memories of meeting Marilyn – twice – during filming of River of No Return┬áin Canada’s Jasper National Park, 1953.

‘When Monroe came to town, Harry Home was 19. Like everyone, he had heard she was coming, but when she showed up at a local dance, Home was awestruck. “She would dance with anyone,” he says, “but I was too shy.”

So when he saw Monroe two days later, strolling down Connaught Street, he was determined he wouldn’t miss a second chance. “She was walking up the street and she was gorgeous,” he says. “She was wearing a yellow sweater and a brown skirt. She was as normal and natural as blueberry pie.” Gathering his courage, he apologised for his bashfulness at the dance. The corners of his eyes crease with the memory: “I didn’t stutter once.” ‘

Linton Besser

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