Celebrate Marilyn’s Birthday in Gloucester, MA

Marilyn on her 36th birthday

Another birthday celebration to report, at the Patron’s Museum, Gloucester, Massachusetts, on Wednesday:

“The Patron’s Museum, the little treasure trove and gathering place based at 92 Thatcher Road and run by Bradley P. Smith, will celebrate a special birthday throughout the day next Wednesday — Marilyn Monroe’s.

The museum will be taking a look at a number of Monroe’s movies, Smith said and will display some Marilyn artifacts, including a 4-foot by 4-foot oil painting of Marilyn done by artist Parker Harlowe in 1982.

Smith said there will be cake and candy available throughout the day, with the cutting of the cake set for 1 p.m. Anyone seeking more information on the event should contact Smith at 978-223-5938.”

Gloucester Times


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