Sara Stockbridge Inspired by Marilyn

The model turned actress and novelist, Sara Stockbridge, was muse to designer Vivienne Westwood during the 1980s and was famous for her MM-inspired platinum blonde locks. Here she talks about Marilyn’s influence to Fashion’s Most Wanted

“Anyway, style icons?  Marilyn Monroe.  I like Marilyn because there’s always something that’s slightly wrong. There’s always something that’s got a crease or a broken strap.  I don’t like too overdone.  There’s something I think that Coco Chanel said, I think it was her, but it was actually my Gran who said it to me.  She said: when you look in the mirror before you go out you must take something off; don’t have the earrings and the bracelet and the whatever all together.  I like the slightly sparse look, like something’s missing.”

The notorious ‘broken strap’ incident, 1956

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