Vanessa Paradis

This drawing of Vanessa Paradis, the acclaimed French singer and actress, as Marilyn Monroe, first appeared in Figaro magazine and was posted on ES by ‘princesshapnick’.

Vanessa’s admiration for Marilyn goes back to 1988, when she penned a song, ‘Marilyn & John’, for her debut album, M & J. Vanessa has also appeared in several campaigns for Chanel, Marilyn’s favourite perfume.

British readers may remember Vanessa’s early hit song, ‘Joe le Taxi’, and she is also the longtime partner of another movie legend, Johnny Depp. Speaking in this month’s Harper’s Bazaar, Vanessa revealed that her love for MM is still strong:

I adore her as a singer, as an actress and a woman. There is something just divine about her.

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